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What we do

If you are looking for leadership and management development, coaching,  team development, employee engagement solutions and the ability to measure change, these are the areas that we predominately work in. However, we would welcome a conversation to really understand your needs first.


We offer bespoke programmes. We always begin with the end in mind and invite a conversation about what you want people to do that they can't or don't do now? Here are some past and present projects that may help you appreciate what we do



Having been the other side of the fence when searching for service providers, we know it can be encouraging to see a track record of past and present clients. We would be happy to let you speak to people we have worked with however every organisation is unique and we won't rest until we've provided the very best experience for you and your colleagues.



We cut our teeth in the highly competitive retail sector and learned quickly from first hand operational experience that your people are your most valuable asset. We learned important lessons, often the hard way. We learned to be vigilant in details. We learned to choose the right people. We learned to simplify. We learned to listen. We learned to trust those on the front line. We learned that your 'weather’ affects everyone – “Optimism is true moral courage” to quote Shackleton. We learned to have fun, strive for balance and prepare for those moments when tough decisions have to be made.

Subsequently, we have worked in many environments, from family run businesses to major corporates, partnerships and not for profit organisations. We have worked with some inspiring people. While we aim to evaluate the return on investment, we also know this is not an exact science and many factors are at play. Our reward and driving ambition is to be the catalyst that unlocks the real potential in people, teams and organisations. That starts with you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


We would love to hear from you

and always happy to meet via video link or in person.

Lodge Farm Barn, Lenton Road, Pickworth, Lincolnshire, NG34 0FE

Mob: 00 44 (0) 7872 623 312

Tel: 00 44 (0) 1525 229 187

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