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High impact conference


Alongside existing programmes, a number of our clients have also asked for support with conference design and delivery to help deliver key messages and change programmes through a memorable interactive large group experience. They key to success here was to deeply understand the client, their culture and thereby create a day which had credibility and lasting impact and real 'ah ha' light bulb moments.

Tiered modular leadership & management programme

Before designing this multi-tiered leadership and management programme for an FMCG company, we carried out a number of focus groups to establish the effectiveness of leaders. This was then aligned to the company values and bench marked against best practice organisations in order to create a blue print for success. We designed three standalone modules which aimed to meet the needs of leaders from first line through to director. Delegates also had access to in house coaching and a wide variety of on line resources. Over 300 participants have attended these programmes in the USA, China and Europe. There is a long term programme of measurement in place using talent tracking, repeat 360 feedback and business KPI's

Business development

The client needed to win more business. A professional service firm with an enviable track record of success and growth. However, the firm had, in recent months, failed to win new clients in an increasingly competitive market against a backdrop of an economic downturn. It was identified that  ‘what has got us here, won’t get us there’ . The solution was a comprehensive range of experiential learning & development, from fundamental presentation skills to high impact techniques, networking and a simulated realistic business pitch followed by a comprehensive debrief.

Building capability in evaluation

This forward thinking client aimed to improve the capability of the HR team in the field of measurement and evaluation. We worked alongside the team over the space of six months as they worked on ‘live’ projects. We helped the team set clear goals, identify specific measures for success, and build a plan for evidence gathering. This knowledge can now be transferred to any people based project. It has built confidence within the team to challenge key stakeholders about the rationale of change and how success will be measured.            

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